Home Automation & Data

Enjoy convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security with our range of intelligent automation, home and entertainment solutions

Home Automation

If you are building or renovating, now is the time to consider a modern home automation solution. You can now manage and adjust most aspects of your home remotely, including:

  • Temperature control
  • House plant and yard watering
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Lighting control
  • Blind and window control
  • Security cameras and gates.

Once installed, simply use your smart phone, tablet or laptop to control them, from within your home, from work, or wherever you are in the world.

With a home automation system you have the power to programme your home to suit your lifestyle.

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Automated sprinklers

Easy, comfortable living – inside and out

Wake up in the morning to a warm house courtesy of room-by-room automatic temperature control (accessing heat pumps and underfloor heating).

When entertaining, enjoy a beautiful ambience with preset lighting and sound control managing your inside and outside areas.

Enjoy the party while your home adjusts according to your set plan, the garden gets watered, and the temperature control kicks in when it’s needed.

Control is in your hands even when you are out

Control of your home from anywhere

Enjoy peace of mind when you are away, knowing that your home is looking after itself in your absence.

Blinds can be programmed to close and lights programmed to switch on at dusk, so it looks like you are home even if you are not.

Receive security alerts immediately on your home automation app, and they can also be set to notify a nearby relative or neighbour. You can even view video footage on your app in real time.

Data & Entertainment

Whether you are ready for full home automation or not, take some time to consider your data and home entertainment options.

Entertainment made easy

Future-proof your home data requirements, including:

  • Network data cabling and home wiring – LAN, ADSL, Cat5, Cat6 and Fibre-optic
  • Phone sockets and cabling.

Plan your home entertainment needs for today and the years to come, with:

  • Concealed wiring and access panels
  • Speaker systems throughout your home
  • Outdoor entertainment systems.

Save on your power costs

An automated home solution allows you to control what lights and appliances are on, and when. Set security lights to switch off in the mornings, lights in unused rooms to switch off automatically, and heating to be optimised for when it is needed.