Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Turn ordinary into stunning… transform your home with creative, stylish lighting inside and out

lighting solutions in your home

Whether you are building new, renovating, or modernising your lighting, ask us for advice and what’s on-trend.

Your local Mastercraft Electrical electrician can offer advice on:

  • Lighting solutions, plans and ideas
  • Energy efficient options
  • Estimated costs
  • Lighting installation and
  • Electrical compliance.

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Building a new home?

living area lighting solutions

Mood lighting

Go beyond standard lighting options – seek advice from our experts to ensure you get your lighting right first time.

Talk to us about your lighting ideas, requirements and preferences – we are experts in ensuring that your lighting suits your new home, budget and lifestyle.

We’ll help you identify areas throughout your home that may benefit from additional, adjustable or mood lighting. We also discuss and recommend energy efficient lighting options.

Renovating or modernising your home?

Wanting to change up your lighting, add more warmth and control to your lighting options, or keen to lower your power bill?

We provide complete home renovation lighting solutions, including advice on how to solve lighting challenges.

Decorative, mood or accent lighting injects personality and ambience into your living areas.

Your safety is paramount throughout your renovation project. We comply with New Zealand safety standards, from the removal of existing lights through to wiring and installation of your new lights.

Light up your outdoor areas and entrances

outdoor area lighting solutions

Exterior pool lighting

Add dramatic accents to your entertaining areas, garden, pathways, steps or pool area by installing feature lighting.

Sensor-activated spot and floodlights on the exterior of your house and driveway can provide instant light and security when and where you need it.

Lighting can also be set to timers to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

The benefits of LED lights

  • LEDs are good for most general household use.
  • LED bulbs have a lifetime of at least 15,000 hours, around 15 times longer than a standard incandescent light bulb.
  • The longevity of LED lights means they are great to put in hard-to reach places as bulbs don’t have to be changed often.
  • Home entrance lighting

    Dramatic Entrance lighting

    LED’s use up to 85% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs for the same light output.

  • LED’s don’t get hot – so insulation can be abutted up to light-fittings or cover IC-rated LED downlights.
  • LED bulbs produce immediate light when turned on. CFLs can take up to 2 minutes to warm up to full brightness.
  • LED’s aren’t just a replacement for standard bulbs, they are also very flexible and come in all shapes and sizes – including thin strip lighting.

For energy saving advice visit www.energywise.govt.nz

When you deal with us all workmanship and products used comply with New Zealand safety standards and regulations. Electrical certificates are issued on all completed work.