Solar Energy Solutions

Harness the power of the sun – clean, renewable energy AND save on your power bill

The most efficient way of generating electricity is from the sun, and you can benefit from this in your home.

Choosing a Mastercraft Electrical solar energy solution is a three-way investment:

  1. Save on your monthly electricity bills by reducing or even eliminating electricity retailer charges (off the grid). The cost of electricity will continue to rise, and as it does, your savings will increase over time.
  2. If your home generates more electricity through your solar solution than you use, excess power can be fed back into the national grid, and your power company pays YOU for the electricity you supply.
  3. A solar panel system adds value to your home. Even if you are unsure of how long you intend to stay in your current location, you can expect to enjoy a higher sale price due to your property’s solar energy system.

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Become self-sufficient

Solar energy creates electricity while the sun is shining, but you can invest in batteries that store the sun’s energy for the evenings.

Battery storage of your solar energy means that power outages won’t affect you, as you have your own energy source.

Solar energy panels in field

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly way to power your home

Of course solar energy is free, and readily abundant, and there is no cost to transporting the electricity it generates to you, as you capture it right on your roof!

If we could capture all the sun’s energy shining on the Earth for just one hour, we could power the entire world for one year.

Most solar energy systems repay their initial cost within ten years. Solar power savings equate to a tax free return of around 9% per annum and this return will increase as power prices rise.

How do I know which solar solution is right for me?

There are many types of solar panel solutions and configurations. Contact Mastercraft Electrical to get the right advice, the right hardware, and the right electrician to install and test the system.

By installing the solution that’s right for you, there should be no need for further servicing and the system should still be producing 80% of its initial power after 25 years!

How solar energy works

How does solar energy work?

  • Solar panels are installed on your roof or on a ground-mounted frame.
  • Inverters convert the solar generated DC energy into 230v AC.
  • This is fed into your house switchboard and can then power your home.
  • Any excess electricity created is either stored in batteries or pushed out of your home onto the national electricity grid.
  • Your electricity retailer measures the electricity you use and the excess electricity you generate that you don’t use, and they buy this excess from you each month.
  • At night, when your panels are not generating electricity you draw power from the grid or your batteries.
  • Note that if you are off the grid you can’t sell your excess electricity back to a retailer.

Where can solar panels be placed?

A roof that faces reasonably north and is not shaded is suitable. Panels We can also install panels on sloping or flat roofs with any type of roof cladding.

Panels don’t have to be installed on your roof!

We can incorporate panels into garden structures, and on rural properties can also install them in paddocks or shed rooftops. What’s the process to get a solar energy system? Give us a call and we will visit your site to discuss options.

If it is suitable, we will design a system and provide an obligation free quote.

We prepare the paperwork, obtain Network company approval and order a meter change from your electricity retailer. We install and commission your system. The system is tested by an independent electrical inspector.

Once complete, we provide full documentation, explain how your solar solution works. Talk to your local Mastercraft Electrical electrician to discuss your solar energy requirements.