Solar Energy Solution at Onsdorp Retirement Village

Solar on Retirement Village Rooftop

Reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint with a Solar Energy Solution – fully scaleable

In 2020 Ons Dorp Dutch Retirement Village in Henderson, Auckland contracted Trilect Solar (Mastercraft Electrical East Tamaki) to install 200 solar panels on the rooftops of their buildings. The two main objectives of the Village in undertaking this project were to:

  • Reduce energy bills and
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the Village.

Payback within 7 years

Launched by Mayor Phil Goff, MP Phil Twyford, Minister for Economic Development and local list MP Marja Lubeck, this new solar system is projected to payback its initial capital outlay in 7 years through electricity savings.

The system will save approximately $15,000 per year from the energy costs in the building and will continue to save money as energy prices increase.

Project details

The entire project was completed in 3 weeks and will generate ~90,000kWh of energy per year and offset Co2 emissions of 9,000kg per year.

The system uses 200 x 315W JA Solar monocrystalline solar panels and 2 x 30kW Huawei Commercial Solar Inverters. The inverters feature a sophisticated monitoring system which features performance statistics and energy consumption data monitoring.

Why Mastercraft Electrical?

Ons Dorp Village chose Trilect Solar (Mastercraft Electrical East Tamaki) as their solar energy provider due to their competitive price, company track record and high quality components used in the project.

Gary Williams, General Manager, Ons Dorp Village – “It’s been a pleasure working with Andrew Beckett (Trilect Solar). The installation of the solar panels was done on time. It was delivered when it was meant to be delivered. And as a result of that we are going to save overall about $15,000 each year, which is a considerable saving for us. It’s going to mean for us that we are now contributing to an improved environment for the country as well. It’s a small contribution from us, and a great thing that Ons Dorp is doing.”

Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland – “Congratulations to Mastercraft Electrical, this makes sense – economically and environmentally, It’ll pay for itself in seven years and it uses a sustainable energy source.”