Eclectic Kitchens

Eclectic Kitchens – Where your personality shines through any specific style!

Below is a sample of eclectic kitchens we have created for clients throughout New Zealand, and you can easily add them to your Pinterest boards too!

Features of Eclectic Kitchens:

  • The rules are gone, only paying respect to good design standards, beautiful colour pellets and vibrant art and accessories.
  • The style where you can embrace your love for country style and industrial in the same space, or even minimalism with rustic elements.
  • Bring your love of the beach, other cultures, bright colours, bygone fashion, art deco into your kitchen space.
  • Paired carefully, the results can be spectacular.

Eclectic – meaning: Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. synonyms: wide-ranging, wide, broad, broad-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive, varied, diverse, diversified, all-embracing, non-exclusive, inclusive.


Photo credit: The kitchens on this page have been created by Mastercraft Kitchens throughout New Zealand. Thank you to our fabulous clients who invited us into their homes to photograph their dream kitchens. Photography by Jamie Cobel.