Living areas and Wardrobes

Well considered homes often have joinery designed using the same or similar materials and cohesive designs through-out.

Continuing design styles, colours and textures throughout your home successfully will create elegance and luxury, and ensure your theme flows.

Below is a sample of joinery in living areas, wardrobes, cabinets and shelving we have created for clients throughout New Zealand, and you can easily add them to your Pinterest boards too!

Living areas, wardrobes, cabinets, shelving

Mastercraft Kitchens designers are experienced in designing joinery in all areas of your home – not just your kitchen!

So when planning your new build or renovation, ask us for ideas on how to maximise the storage or style in your living areas, hallways, staircases, cupboards, wardrobes – any internal joinery. For bathroom ideas go here.


Photo credit: The joinery on this page has been created by Mastercraft Kitchens throughout New Zealand. Thank you to our fabulous clients who invited us into their homes to photograph. Photography by Jamie Cobel.