Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist kitchen designs are sleek and streamlined, usually with neutral elements. This style of kitchen creates a calming feel in an open plan hub.

Below is a sample of Minimalist kitchens we have created for clients throughout New Zealand, and you can easily add them to your Pinterest boards too!

Design features of Minimalist Kitchens

  • Large appliances and ovens are visible, if at all, with most items and appliances hidden or integrated behind doors.
  • Often induction hobs are preferred as they are inset flush with the benchtop.
  • Drawers and doors are usually handle-less – which may mean they are push-to-open.
  • White is usually (but not always) the primary colour in a minimalist kitchen.


Photo credit: The kitchens on this page have been created by Mastercraft Kitchens throughout New Zealand. Thank you to our fabulous clients who invited us into their homes to photograph their dream kitchens. Photography by Jamie Cobel.