Kitchen Sculleries and Walk-in Pantries

Kitchen sculleries and walk-in pantries are becoming more popular – as our kitchens extend into our living areas, and we want a place where the prep work can be done away from the main kitchen and entertaining area.

Sculleries also serve as a place to hide ‘working’ dishes while you are entertaining, and are a place to keep small appliances within easy reach, yet out of sight.

What was once a feature of large farm kitchens, or more recently, the well-heeled, sculleries are now more popular than ever among our clients – whether renovating, or building their brand new dream home.

Definition of ‘scullery’ (also known as a ‘Butler’s Pantry’):

A small room or section of a pantry…

  • …in which food is cleaned, trimmed, and cut into cooking portions before being sent to the kitchen.
  • … or kitchen in which cooking utensils are cleaned and stored.

For some interesting history on sculleries, go here.

Below is a sample of Sculleries, walk-in pantries and butlers pantries we have created for clients throughout New Zealand, and you can easily add them to your Pinterest boards too!


Photo credit: The kitchens on this page have been created by Mastercraft Kitchens throughout New Zealand. Thank you to our fabulous clients who invited us into their homes to photograph their dream kitchens. Photography by Jamie Cobel.