Kitchen Guarantee

Mastercraft’s 10 Year Transferable (Between Owners) Craftsmanship Guarantee

There is no doubt that your new kitchen is a significant investment. Having a guarantee covering your investment is important for your peace of mind.

As the owner of a Mastercraft Kitchen you will receive our 10 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee that is Transferable (Between Owners).

  • Each Mastercraft Kitchens location guarantees their products, manufactured in-house, to be free from defects arising from faulty craftsmanship, for each and every owner of the property, for ten years from the date of installation.
  • All other products supplied through Mastercraft Kitchens carry the guarantees issued by individual product partners.

Terms and conditions apply. Read our full Terms and Conditions here.

What our clients say

We are so grateful for the work done to our kitchen – the team at Mastercraft Kitchens Wellington went above and beyond and were very professional. Not only that – it was a huge surprise that the 10 Year Guarantee was followed through. We had originally just been seeking advice on how to repair something. Everyone involved has been amazing – from the time we first did the kitchen to recently. We would highly recommend you all, and if ever you need a reference we would be happy to provide one. Thank you to you all – an amazing team. R & D Walker – Wellington

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