Client Story – Mastercraft Kitchens Tauranga

Susan’s kitchen journey started from the moment she and her husband decided to build their new home  

She had heard good things about Mastercraft Kitchens, giving her confidence that she could entrust her home to our Tauranga team. 

Spending some time living in Rome influenced her aesthetic preferences when deciding on the design elements and materials in the final product.   (Mastercraft were also commissioned to build a window seat, wardrobes, study, laundry, bathroom and fitted bookcase for the living room.)

So we caught up with Susan in her new home… interview below.

What were the crucial features you wanted in your new kitchen?

I was looking for robust materials – like the stainless-steel sink bench to leave appliances out on.  Having an island bench was important to take advantage of the view, and I love wooden finishes.   Additionally, I wanted a place in the kitchen to display my collection of ceramics.

How did working with a qualified designer impact the outcome?  

We had good communication, which resulted in a kitchen design that I love!

What part of your new kitchen has made the biggest impact?

The whole kitchen is used, I could not pick just one thing!  That said, I love cooking and there is plenty of space to hide cooking paraphernalia.

What reactions have you had from family and friends?

My sister loves the position of the sink on the island bench that makes the most of the views.  And everyone enjoys sitting on the generous window seat, which is topped with oak and sits four to five people comfortably.  

What could you now not live without?

I love my pantry which is unique and lovingly constructed. Also, all the drawers making accessing pots, cutlery, crockery and food easy.

What has having a new kitchen meant to you personally?

The last one I had was a cheap installation – badly laid out, and poorly constructed with limited storage. I have always gravitated towards the kitchen as it is the heart of our home.  Our new kitchen is a great place to hang out, but also easy to clean and everything is accessible.

Renovating a kitchen is a big project, do you have any advice for others at the start of their kitchen journey? 

Make sure you have plenty of easy-access storage.  Having robust and easy-to-clean benches also, try and situate the kitchen so it has an outlook and plenty of natural light.  Then bring in some plants to add a living element.

Designed by Christine Dawson

Manufactured by Mastercraft Kitchens Tauranga