Time to Air the Dirty Laundry

Here at Mastercraft we’re well known for our kitchen design and build expertise, but we can’t keep this a secret any longer.  The rumours are true.  We are involved with other rooms, and often, it’s the laundry. 

It’s been going on for a while.  We may even be getting a bit of a reputation.  We’re ok with that though… we’re proud of that!  

And who wouldn’t when it’s like this?! 

Seriously though, Mastercraft Kitchens are well placed to design and build these critical utility rooms, as the kitchen and laundry have much in common.   Apart from needing great storage, they must both stand up to deluge of liquids, heat, constant use and cleaning products.   

Creating great laundries is a natural extension of our skills and expertise.  So, let’s do a quick ‘laundry list’ of items to consider… 

Sinking In

A fun thing about designing your own laundry is that you’re not limited to those all-in-one laundry tub-and-cabinets. Save that for the garage if you must.

You can drop whatever sink you want into your benchtop. And ideal laundry sink is a deep one, and will be wide enough to fit a bucket. 

Counter Action

Your options for laundry counter tops are the same as for kitchens, however many people are more cost-conscious with their laundry than in their kitchens.   

This means that while you may continue a granite, stone or timber benchtop from your kitchen into your laundry, it’s also possible to closely match the look of your kitchen bench with a more affordable high-pressure-laminate option. Clever, aye?

Top tip: If you have room, a long counter top provides space for folding the washing – no more lounge-room dumping grounds!

Storage in Spades

Who doesn’t need more storage right?  Laundry rooms can open up a whole new world in terms of home storage.  Think sewing/mending, polishing, ironing.   

If your laundry is also a boot room/mud room you’ll also maybe store some gardening/outdoor items or tools in there.  What would you be moving out of your kitchen and garage and into a laundry with plentiful storage?

Top tip: Install LED task lighting under over-head cabinets for mood lighting – ahem, we mean… task lighting!

I Want What She’s Got!

Everyone loves a clever idea that removes the hassle-factor, and these practical options are game-changers!   Check these out.

Photo 1: Wrangle with your iron no more with a retracting integrated ironing board.   

Photo 2: An under-bench laundry basket frees up your floor space, and means those soccer socks and undies avoid the eyes and noses of visitors.

Photo 1: Now this is an oldie, but a goody.  A heated towel rail…needs no explanation.  

Photo 2: Hanger rails for ironed clothes – fantastic! No more shirts-on-the-doorhandle!

Splashback Spunk

The joys of personalising your home with a splashback isn’t restricted to your kitchen. Let your flair and style run wild in your laundry too. You’ll be dragging your friends into your laundry to show it off (who ever thought you’d be doing that??)

Function & Style – You Can Have Both

Are you avoiding eye contact with your laundry?  Let’s get rid of the ‘ugly factor’ from our utility rooms.  Sure, the 15-year old’s soccer uniform doesn’t make for a great aesthetic, but once that’s done, the laundry can be a space of lovely fresh smells and zen (for 10 mins anyway). 

Take a look at these beauties for some inspiration. 

Ready to Renovate?

There are cost and time advantages to be gained from renovating your laundry at the same time as your kitchen, especially if you are continuing with the same materials and style!   

If this has got you all ‘awash’ with ideas, download our Renovation Guide or get in touch with your local Mastercraft Kitchens and let’s talk.   

Check out our Laundries photo gallery here

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