Kaleidoscope of Creativity

Putting in a new kitchen takes trust – trust from the designer that their client has confidence to communicate exactly what they want, and trust from the homeowner that the designer can deliver on their promise to create a beautiful and functional kitchen for their home.

When Nisargo and Peter Rijhen approached Wendie Cantwell from Mastercraft Kitchens Marlborough, they told her they wanted something completely different; something that they had never seen before.

Absolutely unique

“The kitchen you see here today is probably the fourth incarnation of the design,” she says. “It was a complex space to imagine, not only because of the shape of the room I had to work with, but also because my clients had some unique ideas about what they wanted, especially when it came to colour.”

The new kitchen, part of a whole-house renovation, sits a large, open-plan living space. The designer says the whole room was gutted, with a new dividing wall built between the kitchen and living room, splitting the two spaces.

Connecting living spaces in a functional way

“We made sure that there was still a connection to the living spaces by creating two areas where people could congregate – the taller one, by the window, is a bar area where guests can hang out, and at the other end there’s a lower seating area where the family can gather for breakfast or lunch, or chat to mum whilst she’s cooking.”

In between these two areas, with its back to the living space, the designer placed the cooking centre, which forms one arm of the u-shaped kitchen. “The new kitchen is a lot larger, more unified and simplified than the old one,” says the designer. “The ‘working triangle’ works well now, and there’s lots a space for several people to work in the kitchen at any one time.”

Adding lots of functional kitchen storage

Practical storage solutions were also introduced into the design; one of which is a handy on-bench appliance garage that also solves the problem of bringing the extra-deep benchtop that sits along the back wall of the kitchen into proportion with the rest of the benchtops in the kitchen.

Sliding doors, made from pale green Seratone panels hide the client’s collection of appliances from everyday view. This space is topped with a blue shelf, within which the designer has cleverly rebated a LED strip light that provides task lighting for the benchtop below. Right next door is a full-height Blum Space Tower, forming a very useful pantry, with a large, family sized fridge finishing off the back wall of storage.

Injections of colour

In addition to a multifunctional kitchen with plenty of storage, Wendie’s clients also requested colour.

“When it came to choosing the colour palette, I gathered together all the material samples my clients liked and laid them out on the table. From there, Nisargo picked out what she liked, then we made it happen. It was a big leap of faith on both sides, because there were some bright and bold colours there,” she says. “Not only that, we also had to work with materials that had quite different finishes and thicknesses, so it was a tricky exercise bringing them all together seamlessly.”

To unify the look, Wendie used Melteca on the cabinets, in Silver Vapour, and Caesarstone for the benchtops, in Vanilla Noir, then added the brighter, more colourful materials as highlights and feature colours.

“It was bold and brave statement to make – I had to trust in my client that she was confident in her choices of colours, but once it was finished we all stood back and went wow!”

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This kitchen was proudly designed, manufactured and installed locally by Mastercraft Kitchens Marlborough).