A Kitchen Designers Kitchen

A kitchen designers kitchen

Ever wondered what a Kitchen Designers kitchen looks like?

This kitchen was designed by Dave Gibbs for his own home. Dave is co-owner of Mastercraft Kitchens Waikato, and kitchen designer with over 50 years experience! Dave recently retired and so can now spend much more time in his kitchen. And why wouldn’t he?

After 18 years living with the same kitchen (which he also designed), Dave decided it was high time for a new look, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Light it up

“When we originally designed and built the house, we were focussed on the views, so didn’t think too much about the kitchen. Only after a couple of years living here did it dawn on us that it was really quite dark, and had no natural light,” reflects Dave.

With his new kitchen, Dave wanted to introduce natural light into the space and also to have more of a connection to the rest of the open-plan living area and the outdoors. It was also an opportunity to update appliances and install the latest drawer and cupboard hardware, he says.

A three-metre window was inserted along the length of back wall of the kitchen, as well as two clerestory windows above the tall bank of cabinetry on the adjacent wall. This new feature window not only brings light in, but also connects the kitchen to a wonderful, bright outlook. “We also added an electric blind in a feature fabric, lit by an LED strip, so we could get a warm cosy feeling effect at night,” says the designer.

The hub of an entertainers home

The new kitchen is effectively double the size of the original and makes a real effort to embrace and connect with the space it sits in, which is a telling commentary on the way the role of the kitchen has changed in the past two decades. This kitchen is now very much the hub of Dave’s home.

“The layout, incorporating two serveries (peninsulas) is a dream to work in, as you’re never more than two steps from everything you need. It’s also incredible when you have big groups because you can serve from both sides,” says Dave.

Designer thinking on appliances and lighting

Dave thought long and hard about his choice of appliances, eventually opting for a large, French-door fridge that could easily store full-width platter for when he was entertaining, along with the energy saving mix of an induction hob and a combination microwave/convection oven.

“We use the combi oven 90% of the time,” he says. “We find that it can do most things a normal-sized oven can do and, together with the new induction hob, we estimate it takes less time to prepare our meals. We have also seen a reduction in our power bill – but that’s also been helped by us changing all the lighting to LEDs.”

By choosing a relatively inexpensive selection of pendant lights, Dave says it’s one of the easiest things that can be changed out to give the kitchen a new look down the track.

This kitchen is a reflection of new thinking and new technologies. It is larger and lighter than its predecessor and has more connection with the greater living spaces and outdoors. It also has an expanded role and better functionality, thanks to the raft of the latest products and appliances individually specified by the designer.

It’s fair to say that this kitchen is now good for the next 15-20 years.

This kitchen was designed and manufactured by Mastercraft Kitchens Waikato