Award: Most Promising Design Student 2021, The Judy Bark Award

Alex Riddell - Award Winner

Alexandra Riddell – of Mastercraft Kitchens Tauranga 

One of our talented kitchen designers in Tauranga – Alex Riddell, is still celebrating her well-deserved win last weekend from the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bathroom Association) 2021 Awards.   And we couldn’t be prouder. 

Highly deserving of her award for 2021’s Most Promising Design Student, Alex has been studying a National Diploma in Kitchen & Bathroom Design with BCITO, whilst working as a full-time designer, and raising two small children.   

Read that again, because that is no mean feat! 

The nomination for the award came from Alex’s BCITO tutor, in recognition of an outstanding design for a niche client, along with an acknowledgement of the drive and tenacity she brings.   The nomination was one of 197, total entries of student designers\, the highest number to date. Competition was fierce, making her win a stand-out achievement.   

How did Alex get to this point? 

Before becoming a kitchen designer, French-born Alex’s eye for design would be nurtured in childhood, helping mum choose design elements for home renovations.  As an adult she spent seven years doing some hard-graft in London’s high-end real estate market, and it was here she developed an appreciation for great design.  A Kiwi lad stole her heart and after marrying, they moved to the Bay of Plenty where she landed, by chance, in the kitchen design-and-build industry.   

That was six years ago, and Alex hasn’t looked back, in her role as Kitchen Designer at Mastercraft Kitchens Tauranga for the last four years.  She describes this as a busy, nurturing and supportive environment where she values the collaborative atmosphere and the opportunity to bring innovation to her work. 

Holistic approach to design

What really shines in Alex’s kitchen designs is her holistic approach, which focuses on human well-being, and understanding the lifestyles of those she designs for.   Alex states “I fully believe your environment affects your well-being.  When you wake up to a kitchen that you love, and that makes you smile – it has such a positive impact on your feelings”.   

We are so proud!  Congratulations Alex, that is one well-deserved award for a passionate and talented designer who is dedicated to her craft – a true Mastercraft designer. 

Check out one of Alex’s designs here.

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