The Tragic Reality of Kitchen Renovations

old kitchen

This is an intervention…

We can see that your unworkable kitchen has turned you into a neurotic, juggling, DIY’er whose sanity is hanging by a thread, and it’s a wonder your family is alive!

Does this sound like you?

  • You have perfected the art of outmanoeuvring that over-heating oven…switch up, switch down by half, take out 5-10mins early.
  • The chaos of your ill-equipped cupboard space is causing a “fraction too much friction”.
  • You have lost count of all the repairs…oops, there goes another hinge
  • You bought the house with four-ish stovetop elements. You are now juggling between the remaining two.
  • The idea of entertaining breaks you into a cold sweat.
  • Ill-equipped appliances and lighting may have been the cause of the great food poisoning incident of 2019.
  • Your kitchen makes you growl, grumble and groan.

So… we are intervening so you won’t delay your kitchen renovation until you’re selling your home

This is a tragic reality we observe a lot, and it looks like this…

Living with a dysfunctional kitchen for 10 years, you decide to sell up and realise that the state of it will drag your asking price down. Engaging an awesome kitchen design company (naturally it was Mastercraft), you become the proud owner of a thoroughly modernised fit-for-purpose space.

  • It’s gorgeous.
  • Everything flows.
  • Everything works!
  • You are the poster-child for efficiency,
  • You can actually find food – even at night!
  • You have even entertained some friends (the new buyers and the estate agent.)
  • And you enjoyed it for about five minutes before selling up. Damn!
Don’t make the mistake of enjoying your beautiful new kitchen for only about five minutes!!

The thing is, people often get used to broken stuff. We ignore, fix, and develop work-arounds. But continuing to try and function with a broken or dated kitchen causes a pile up of ‘micro-aggressions’ that spill over into other parts of our lives.

The psychological impact of having an unworkable kitchen is something most people wouldn’t even think about. But trust us, once your new kitchen goes in and you realise the impact of an efficient, easy, workable room you enjoy being in, you will wonder why you didn’t address it earlier.

So, don’t build a new kitchen to then hand it off to some random family to enjoy. That’s tragic. Start planning to create a great kitchen for YOU to enjoy, and LIVE BETTER for it.

Your kitchen story needn’t need to be a tragedy… make it a triumph!

No more tragic kitchen stories… you deserve better than that!

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