We aim to be the most trusted plumbing brand in New Zealand

Mastercraft Plumbing are your local registered Plumbers. At Mastercraft Plumbing we strive to bring professionalism and consistency to the residential and commercial plumbing industry.

We are highly experienced in both new builds and renovations. We can handle all of your plumbing design requirements, plumbing repairs, water heating, residential, commercial and rural installations and so much more.

You can trust us for honest advice, competitive prices, and professional workmanship. Every Mastercraft Plumbing branch is highly experienced, employs only registered plumbers, and stands behind their work.

Why Join Mastercraft Plumbing?

The three key factors that work together to ensure you make the most of your Mastercraft Plumbing Licence are:

  • Brand
  • Supply
  • Knowledge

The success of our group is based on our ability to brand together, learn and share information together, and maximise group buying power. We are proud to work with industry-leading Supply Partners.

These key attributes enable our Licensees to provide a superior experience to their customers, and ensure Mastercraft Plumbing is at the forefront of our industry.